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Chief Keith



Cody Huddleston


Chief Keith

Sidney, OH

Rap/Hip hop/R&B

If your looking for an artist similar in style to J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Oddisee, Aesop Rock, or Prof, you've visited the right page!

Joshua "Keith" Cornett aka "Chief Keith" just released a new mixtape on March 23rd, 2019. This is his 7th mix-tape since 2017, among many featured artist collabs. 

Chief has been honing his sound for the last two years and claims to have finally found his space. This highly anticipated mix-tape is one of interest to many, as every mix-tape has shown major progression from the artist. 

Chief says,"you're going to hear a lot more singing on this one. This album is my most musically vibrant album yet. I really pulled out all the stops to show my versatility. I really wanted to show people my lyrical, rhyme scheme, and syllable rhythm talent, and also inject my hope for integrity in hip hop. I wanted to showcase incredible flow, as well as write about things that truly matter to me and the people around me. That's why I wrote so many songs so quickly this last year. I think it also speaks highly on my work ethic. Too many rappers today glorify the use of the same words, the same rhyme patterns, and a life they don't lead themselves. I love making music more than anything, but what's the point if your not being honest."



Chief has had a passion for playing music ever since the age of 12, when he received his first guitar. Since then, he has become renowned in his community and surrounding areas, for being so versatile in his musicianship, and being able to play any instrument his hands touch. He played his first show in 2008 as an acoustic artist, while also being heavily involved in the rock/metal scene. Being largely influenced by bands like Incubus, Protest the hero, Trivium, and Metallica. 

In 2009, Chief played many shows all over Ohio, including, The Ohio State Fair and his local Shelby county fair, all under the name "The Josh Cornett Band". In following years, Chief perfected his craft every step of the way. Walking away from performing live for many years, until his return to stage in 2015. This sparked a fire in Chief, to find the joy he once knew in live performance. Yet, he was eager to find his purpose in inspiring others, and to not be the ordinary entertainer. 

In 2016, Chief attended a hip hop show, being an avid fan of the music. It was at this show, he realized his purpose. It was time to change the local hip hop scene. Hip hop is the most popular genre in the entire world, not to mention his home town. Dayton, Ohio being at the top of the list for drug overdose, crime, murder, drug trafficking, and abuse. Also, the lack of integrity in hip hop and its recognizable tie to all of these circumstances. "The things that happen in my city are not because of hip hop. But, most everybody listens to it. This is my chance to make a difference. To make a change in my local and national community through music.To make people think bigger than this city, or even this planet." says, Chief. Clarifying this in the song "waves" rhyming,


"It's the only solution, as if this life didn't work we could just create a new one,

but those emotions live on, through emoticons, your favorite song, 

with lyrics about forgetting it all, drinking and drugs, until we forget that we small,

the idea is much bigger, staring deep in to the picture, forgive a sinner to begin,

and we deliver this to the masses, music littered with trash, it's a lasting effect, 

if we proceed to neglect, but we can make a change elevate, we can make a change elevate"

"waves" by Chief Keith

Chief has been working non stop since 2016 to spread his vision to his local community and beyond, even putting on events in his local community giving all profits to local non-profit organizations. Chief has also been featured on 105.5 tam/fm and performed with Youtube sensation, Merkules, Blueprint from Rhymesayers Records, and C the Gray.

Chief's new album will be one to keep on repeat for many years to come!

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